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Ken & Rick’s Somerset Sweet Onions are now in stores, but only for a limited time. So if you’re one of the people hooked on the on them, heads up. You will find them in the following stores: Giant Eagle Somerset Route 31, Giant Eagle Somerset Route 601, Giant Eagle Waterworks Fox Chapel, Market District Village Square South Hills, and Market District Settlers Ridge Robinson. Stock up a supply and store them by wrapping in newspaper and putting them in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. And enjoy!!

Somerset Spud Potatoes

If you like potatoes, you’ll LOVE Somerset Spuds. Growing potatoes is our specialty, having perfected the technique over the years as a supplier to Snyder of Berlin potato chips. We grow white, red and Yukon gold varieties. Our mountain soil, pure rain and cool temperatures combine to create a distinctive full potato flavor (the climate in the Laurel Highlands is comparable to that of Maine and Idaho for growing potatoes). The spuds spend their summers growing underground in our rich mountain soil until they are delicately harvested and stored in an environment controlled for temperature, humidity and light. We use no chemicals to prevent sprouting and keep the potatoes happy in their field crates until they are sent to the stores. When they’re in season, we’ll put our fresh, local Somerset Spuds up against any old potatoes from Idaho anytime!

Each medium size Somerset Spud is free of fat and cholesterol, with just 100 calories and 23 net carbs. For more nutritional information visit

Yukon Gold Somerset Spuds

Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold Somerset Spuds have golden skins (with pink eyes) and golden flesh. They were developed in the Yukon region of Canada and have a decidedly buttery flavor. Yukons are great any way, boiled, mashed, baked or fried. Some people won’t eat anything else!

Red Somerset Spuds

Red Norland

Red Somerset Spuds are a dark red Norland variety developed in North Dakota. They creamy white flesh and smooth, delicate red skins. They are delicious baked, boiled or mashed. Leave the skins on to add splash of color to any dish.

White Somerset Spuds


White Somerset Spuds are called Katahdins (pronounced Ka-TAH-din), developed in Main. They have creamy white flesh and a rich potato taste. They are great boiled, mashed, baked and fried.

Somerset Spuds Season is Mid-September through February.

Somerset Snap Green Beans

Somerset Snap Green Beans

Somerset Snaps

A Bronco variety grown in the cool mountains of the Laurel Highlands give our beans their unique flavor and vivid green color. With no strings attached, Somerset Snaps do in fact snap when you bend them and they have a distinctively sweet, succulent taste. Picked in the early part of the day and kept refrigerated all the way from the field to the grocers’ shelves, our beans are handled with care throughout the harvest process. They are usually in stores within 24 hours of picking, making them a perennial summer favorite.

Somerset Snaps are high in vitamins and calcium and one cup contains just 25 calories.

Somerset Snaps Season is Late-July through Labor Day.

Somerset Sweet Onions

Somerset Sweet Onions

Somerset Sweets

Move over Vidalia, there’s a new onion in town. While Vidalia may be the official onion of Georgia, Somerset Sweets are grown right here in Steeler Country and our home grown onions are off-the-chart sweet! We use special techniques developed at the Penn State research facilities. They are harvested in the bins like the one you see in to the left, and stored in an in an environment controlled for temperature, humidity and light until they are ready to make the trip to your table. Somerset Sweets come to you freshly packed from the farm to your grocer’s shelf, often in the same day!

Onions are highly recommended for people trying to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and infections. Somerset Sweets are low-sodium, fat and cholesterol free and one medium size onion has just 60 calories and 11 net carbs. For more nutritional information and some great recipes, visit

Somerset Sweet Season is Labor Day through December


Look for our products in the following stores:
(and if you don’t see them in your store, ask the Produce Manager about them)

Pittsburgh In-City

Market District Shadyside
5550 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
412 681-1500

Pittsburgh Public Market
2100 Smallman Street
(In the Strip District)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 281-4505

Pittsburgh East

Giant Eagle Irwin
North Huntindon Square
8914 Route 30
N. Huntingdon, PA 15642
724 864-0100

Giant Eagle Hempfield
Hempfield Square @ Rtes 30 & 66
Greensburg, PA 15601
724 836-5121

Giant Eagle Ligonier
117 S. Walnut Street (off Rt 30)
Ligonier, PA 15658
724 238-5490

Giant Eagle N. Center Avenue
1606 N. Center Avenue (Rt 601)
Somerset, PA 15501
814 443-4300

Giant Eagle Glades Pike
4192 Glades Pike (Rt 31)
Somerset, PA 15501
814 443-6558

Pittsburgh Suburbs

Giant Eagle Fox Chapel
Waterworks Plaza
910 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
412 781-6605

Market District South Hills
7000 Oxford Drive Village Square
Bethel Park, PA 15102
412 831-1480

Market District Robinson
100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1421
412 788-5392

North of Pittsburgh

Market District Township of Pine
Route 19 & 910
155 Towne Center Drive
Wexford, PA 15090
724 934-0155

Giant Eagle New Ken
200 Tarentum Bridge Road
New Kensington, PA 15068
724 339-4940