Laurel Vista Farms

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2013 Growing Season Update

November 2013:

2013 was a challenging growing season here at Laurel Vista Farm. In summer 2012, Ken & Rick increased the size of the farm by more than 200 acres when they had the opportunity to acquire adjacent acres. So, 2013 involved the difficult decisions and long term effort of incorporating those acres into a larger growing plan. In their first year as part of Laurel Vista, the new acres were put to work growing grains and hay alongside the original acres which included Ken & Rick’s Wholesome Vegetables.

Growing vegetables was not easy in 2013 either. Weather was rainy, cool, and short on sunshine, resulting in slower germination, slower growth, and reduced yields of vegetables. Green beans were also hit with a seed problem, resulting in poor germination in the first fields planted — before rains came and put an end to planting for some weeks. All this meant that only a few stores were able to get Ken & Rick’s Somerset Snaps and Somerset Sweet Onions this year. Potatoes like cool weather, so they fared better; look for Somerset Spuds in stores in January.

As farmers say — “Every year is different!”