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Ramp Hollow Mustard


Ramp Hollow Mustard

Tasty, tangy yellow dipping mustard infused with the flavor of springtime ramps (wild leeks).

Ramp Hollow has been a closely guarded secret for ages. Many know it exists, but few know where it is. And Ken & Rick aren’t about to tell because in spring, when those increasingly popular ramps emerge, they’d have to cope with crowds and traffic while they plant. What they are willing to do is share the goodness of ramps with their Ramp Hollow Mustard. It’s a tasty tangy treat that’s awesome on burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps, crackers & cheese, pretzels — anywhere you’d use mustard. So good, you’ll want to tell Ken & Rick “Thanks! for Ramp Hollow Mustard!” Feel free to do that. Just don’t ask them where Ramp Hollow is!